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*If you experience any problems with the procedure, follow the category "About data transfer and linkage" in the FAQ section.

If you cannot transfer data yourself, please apply for data recovery on this page.
Based on the contents of the request, further investigation will be carried out to confirm play data.

Verification of identity will only be carried out if you agree with the following [Cautions].
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  • Play data can only be recovered after verification of identity.
    If you do not meet the verification criteria, we can refuse to respond.
    Verification criteria cannot be revealed.
  • Identity verification will only be carried out for the person inquiring.
    For problems related to play data, questions asked on behalf of someone will not be answered.
    If a false declaration or misuse of another individual's information is revealed, appropriate action will be carried out.
  • Responses will be sent to the email address from which the initial inquiry was received.
    Please do not send inquiries from multiple email addresses as identity verification may not be possible.
  • It may take up to 1 week for 1 response in the identity verification process.
    We will not respond to any inquiries regarding response time.
  • We cannot compensate for not responding in time for events and campaigns.
    You will not be able to receive any login bonuses or expired gifts in the period you were unable to log in during support.
  • This page is for play data recovery only; other inquiries cannot be answered.
    For other inquiries, please select the appropriate link.
  • Support is not provided for languages other than English.
  • Phone support is not provided.
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